Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium tumble


Gold down 4% Silver down 6% Platinum down 10% Palladium down 19% It makes stark reading as all markets tumble in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Precious Metal Sell-Off


The rising price of gold could not be sustained over the past week and so volatile prices including dramatic falls have taken place.

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Gold hits 7-year high


On the back of economic fears surrounding the outbreak of the coronavirus, gold and silver have seen safe haven investment and subsequent increases in price.

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Palladium and Rhodium


Whilst the gold and silver prices remain stable and at relatively high levels, the prices of palladium and rhodium continue to soar.

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Post-Brexit High Silver Fix


The previous post-Brexit high for the silver fix was set at £15.

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Pound Sinks to 2-year Low


With the possibility of a snap general election, the pound has sunk to a 2-year low against the US dollar and strengthened the value of gold and silver.

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£40/gram Level Smashed


In its continuing rise, gold today smashed through the £40,000/kg mark (£1250/oz) and keeps on going.

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Gold exceeds $1500/oz

50 sovereigns

Gold prices today powered through the $1,500/troy ounce mark for the first time in more than six years and is close to topping the £40/g (£1250/oz) level.

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Gold Silver Ratio


Despite the recent price rises in silver, at 1:88, the gold/silver ratio remains well above the traditional 1:60 level.

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Gold & Silver move upwards


Today, the £1150/oz (£37/g)price for gold and £13/0z (42p/g) price for silver were breached for the first times this year.

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