Palladium and Rhodium


Whilst the gold and silver prices remain stable and at relatively high levels, the prices of palladium and rhodium continue to soar.

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Post-Brexit High Silver Fix


The previous post-Brexit high for the silver fix was set at £15.

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Pound Sinks to 2-year Low


With the possibility of a snap general election, the pound has sunk to a 2-year low against the US dollar and strengthened the value of gold and silver.

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£40/gram Level Smashed


In its continuing rise, gold today smashed through the £40,000/kg mark (£1250/oz) and keeps on going.

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Gold exceeds $1500/oz

50 sovereigns

Gold prices today powered through the $1,500/troy ounce mark for the first time in more than six years and is close to topping the £40/g (£1250/oz) level.

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Gold Silver Ratio


Despite the recent price rises in silver, at 1:88, the gold/silver ratio remains well above the traditional 1:60 level.

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Gold & Silver move upwards


Today, the £1150/oz (£37/g)price for gold and £13/0z (42p/g) price for silver were breached for the first times this year.

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Gold Hits 6-year High


Today gold hit a 6-year high price of $1420/oz (approx. £36/gram) on the back of the weakening dollar and expected cuts in interest rates by the US Federal Reserve.

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"No" to Brexit Deal


Parliament delivered a decisive "No" to Theresa May's Brexit deal and the predicted slump in the pound has not materialised, indeed because the possibility of remaining in the EU is...

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London Silver Fix

Info on spoons

The London Bullion Market Association fix silver prices each working day at noon, but this price is no longer publicly available until the next day.

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