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We are keen to buy gold and our gold prices are very competitive to the prices offered by other bullion dealers. We are always happy to accept gold independently or as part of a consignment of silver.


Our gold prices are based on the current market spot price and twice daily London fixes. We pay according to weight and carat for hallmarked gold. We especially seek large pieces such as goblets, cigarette and vesta cases.

We appreciate that people may wish to stay loyal to their existing bullion dealer where preferential rates may be given for their scrap gold, however we would urge you to look at your silver pay out rates. Most bullion dealers will attract trade clients by offering very high gold prices, but much weaker silver prices. We suggest that dealers and retailers split their scrap metal parcels and achieve the best available prices for both – otherwise you could be losing as much as £1/oz for your scrap silver and this will quickly add up!

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We offer the same services for gold as we do for silver: metal accounts, prompt payment and XRF testing for unmarked gold. One of our most important services is our Melt & Assay facility.

Melt & Assay

For consignments of gold with contaminants, rolled gold and gold plate, we offer a Melt & Assay service. Each batch will be independently refined to reveal the exact quantity of fine gold. This service is available for gross batch weights of 2kg and above. Batches below this weight will be XRF tested and an offer made.

Platinum Group Metals

In addition to silver and gold, we buy all other precious metals including platinum, palladium, rhodium etc. Please contact us for further information.