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8/8/2022: Silver Prices

8 August 2022 at 13:53




Current UKSE 925 Buying Prices

100 to 500 tr.oz. (3 to 15kg)



10 to 100 tr.oz. (0.3 to 3kg)



Welcome to The UK Silver Exchange

We were established in 1988 and have an enviable reputation within the silver trade for honesty, integrity, the highest level of customer service, competitive prices and quick payment.

We treat all clients in a fair and friendly manner. We hope you enjoy browsing our web-site and look forward to hearing from you if we can be of service.

The rising value of silver as a metal has had a huge impact on the antique silver market. The antique and aesthetic value of many articles has been overtaken by its intrinsic metal value. The simple economics mean that many good pieces of silver are consigned to the melting pot.

For many people involved in the antique and second-hand silver market, this scrapping of good quality items goes against their principles - as we are often told - "they can never be replaced". We have devised a silver exchange scheme to at least give some items a second chance.

Any articles of merit passing through our business are not automatically scrapped.

We Buy Silver

At UKSE we are always keen to buy your silver whether it is has a scrap value or better. We are flexible in our approach and will always attempt to accommodate the needs of our clients.

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We Sell Silver

Whether it be antiques, bullion or scrap, we are one of the UK’s leading dealers in silver and are sure to be able to meet your requirements.

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Antique Silver

We maintain a large stock of silver that is not dictated by the metal price.

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We are keen to buy gold and our gold prices are very competitive to the prices offered by other bullion dealers. We are always happy to accept gold independently or as part of a consignment of silver.

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Gold hits 50

The continuing war in Ukraine has seen all commodity prices increase and gold especially has seen investors and savers alike turn to the yellow metal as a safe haven.

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Russia Invades Ukraine

Markets have reacted immediately to the Russian invasion of Ukraine with crude oil hitting a 7-year high and gold closing in on an all time record high.

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Tension in Ukraine

As numbers of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border build, western diplomacy falters and tensions rise, the need for safe haven investment has triggered a rise in silver and gold…

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Platinum jubilee commemorative mark

Platinum Jubilee Commemorative Hallmark

From November 1st 2021, the new commemorative mark celebrating the Queen's 70th year on the throne will be available for stamping on new silver and gold at the UK assay…

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